Selected Works

Below is a selection of other projects that have shaped me as a designer and technologist.


The MHCI+D program at UW kicks off the autumn quarter with Immersion Studio, a week long design sprint completed by teams of three. Teams were challenged to consider how Computer-supported Cooperative Work (CSCW) could lower the barrier to becoming civically engaged. Our team created Milaap, an SMS carpool chatbot that connects folks without transportation in rural areas to volunteer drivers. Read my brief case study here.

5 days

Research, synthesis, ideation, prototyping, usability testing


While interning at Brand New Box, the company expressed desire for an internal tool that could monitor the ongoing statuses of all client projects. I worked with a developer to create Voyage, an application the company has now used on a weekly basis for over a year. View the codebase on Github here.

3 months

Wireframing, information architecture, front-end dev

Outdoor Videography

My fascination with visual storytelling formed in the fifth grade when my dad gifted me an old video camera. I spent my childhood summers creating videos with my best friend for our YouTube channel dubbed "the Hello Kitty Toaster Show." In recent years I reignited this passion through aerial videography. I make videos of the rock climbing trips my partner and I take in Jan the Van. View them here.


Storytelling, videography


HikeStart is a mobile app that encourages new hikers to get outside through incentivizing hiking with deals to local outdoor retailers. This mobile app concept was developed as part of UW Dubtech's fourth annual Protothon competition. Teams had three hours to create a design response that would encourage users to explore the outdoors. HikeStart won first place out of twenty teams!

3 hours

Efficiency, communication, ideation, rapid prototyping

This Portfolio Site!

I built this site from scratch using HTML, Spectre.css, and a few lightweight Javascript libraries for additional interactivity. I've learned a lot so far and I'm excited to continue to iterate upon it. Hosting through Github pages.


CSS, JS, responsive web design